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Not all oils are created equally. I’m incredibly proud to represent a company that stands to make a meaningful difference, serving love and compassion alongside its products.  

Below you will find options for different samples packs that I have available for you to try. Read through the descriptions, find something that you feel will improve your life and I'll be in contact with you. These samples are free to you but I would request that you send me feedback on how you've used them so I can best serve you. 


A perfect trio of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.  

You can do so many things with these three oils as they are versatile in cooking, cleaning, mood support, everyday health and for aromatherapy use.  

This is a great sample pack for those who want to learn a bit more but don't know where to start. 


Essential oil blends to support your immune system daily.  

From babies to adults, OnGuard is amazing. Two additional oils to support clearing of airways and helping to reduce earaches and ear pain.  

This is a great sample pack of oils for people wanting to be proactive about boosting their immune systems, are looking for another approach to ward off winter gremlins and/or who are keen to complimentary options.


For mums to support their family's health naturally.  

This is a trio of oils that can help with: - Relaxing you and baby - Uplifting mood - Boosting immune support for both you and bub - Increasing energy  

This is the perfect pack to help support wellness and moods!


Help reduce stiffness, tension and aches.  

This is a perfect sample pack for anyone with stiff joints, tension issues in their neck, or if you're hitting the gym hard.  

It's a trio of oils to help you support your muscles, promote circulation and relaxation. 


Time to chill out, unwind and find balance.  

The three oils in this pack are perfect for everyday mood support for kids and adults.  

Help support your moods naturally for balance and holistic support emotionally.

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